The  Sauce


 is the soul of the dish 

French cuisine, at its most masterfully executed level, like many other cuisines around the world, requires a finely honed set of culinary skills.

La cocina francesa, en su nivel más magistralmente ejecutado, como muchas otras cocinas en todo el mundo, requiere un conjunto de habilidades culinarias finamente perfeccionadas.

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Lockdown has taken a toll on everyone, most especially on the immune system. Bad news is that the longer in lockdown, the weaker your immune system gets. That spells serious trouble whenever your confinement ends. Health officials in New York reports that 66% of new cases there, were previously in confinement. Oui Oui asked a couple of its Doctors clients to recommend good nutrition, for us to not only continue to prepare outstanding meals but to also include food that seriously strengthen the immune system. Not an exhaustive list, it is rather a good starting point including Vitamins A, B6, C, D, Iron, Zinc, Amino & Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Flavonoids, Protobiotics & Fiber.

This is not Health advice: we are not qualified Health Professional. Health advice should only be dispensed by qualified Health Professionals and no one else. We are only sharing some knowledge that we think could help some of you.

We have worked with ingredients that boost the immune system the most, and found ways to incorporate them in our dishes. Introducing Oui Oui’s new Immunity System Boosting Menu (Prix Fixe 499p). It’s good and it’s good for you, and for lighter appetite, you can even have the Entrée for lunch and the Main Course/Dessert for dinner (or vice versa if you prefer)

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